User Experience

Putting the human experience first.

Our products are refined through hours of research, analysis, and prototyping. Great software is the result of methodical attention to the needs of users and the environments in which they operate.

Our Approach

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Human-Centered Mindset

To help clients engage effectively with their user communities, we deploy proven research and testing techniques. We work to understand the perspectives of users, the challenges they face, their primary goals, and their expectations. Years of experience practicing these methods provide valuable insights and allow us to capture user needs and translate them into user requirements.

Data-Driven Decision Making

We leverage both quantitative and qualitative research methods to help us compile data about users. We create user journey maps, devise personas, and illustrate new, improved workflows using collaborative online tools. These tactics help us recommend the solutions that will be most effective in meeting both business and user needs. Prototyping and testing help us validate ideas letting actual user analysis, rather than intuition, guides the solution.

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Design-System Thinking

The best design decisions are consistent, reusable, and accessible. We develop a design framework that can scale with your platforms to create efficiency as the product is maintained and enhanced over its lifetime. Our deliverables include a fully developed design system so whoever is responsible for building out future features, the framework is in place to guide them.

Tools & Technology


How we defined user goals on the CareerForce workforce development portal

Utilizing various data gathering techniques, we collected layer upon layer of user feedback to iteratively develop a conceptual model of a system that supports user needs.