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We’re looking for people whose skills and values align with our own, but also bring a unique outlook. In turn we strive to provide a home where you can develop and prosper, while making an impact on people’s lives.

Justin Davis
President & Founder of PWW

Why work at Portland Webworks?

Our values speak for themselves.

From our client experience to our company structure, we value simplicity. We don’t believe in levels, titles, and the typical 9-5 grind. We are an intentionally flat organization, comprised of small, high-performing teams, and leadership that cares most about the happiness of its clients (and employees) over chasing sales targets or quotas. Currently, PWW team members have the option of working fully remote, hybrid, or fully onsite, with office hours determined individually.

Portland Webworks is a place where employees are encouraged to challenge themselves and individual contributions are valued. When our employees are not working on client projects, they can be found furthering their depth of knowledge in their respective fields, taking advantage of training opportunities, or collaborating across disciplines.

We’re committed to hiring and growing talent from all communities. We pride ourselves on bringing a breadth of perspective to our work, and we can only do that when we draw from diverse backgrounds and experiences. When we support clients who serve all people equally, then we must reflect that in our own thoughts, words, and actions. That’s why we are dedicated to maintaining an environment of equal opportunity that allows all team members to grow, while working to support our customers and the audiences they sustain.

We want our employees to feel secure, informed, and included. At Portland Webworks, employees are encouraged to speak their mind, share ideas, and always be open to new opportunities — but it starts from the top down. Leadership wants to bring employees along for the ride, and here at PWW, employees are privy to company financials and encouraged to provide input on both large and small decisions. Let that sink in.

Trust. It’s a big word, but we wouldn’t be PWW without it. We trust our people to do the work they need to, in the right way, and at the time that works. Our employees are self-motivated, autonomous, and resilient. Employees wear many hats, and to keep up here, you have to… but rest assured, there will never be a boring day at the office.

We don’t just talk the talk. We back it up with action. From our competitive benefits, to our profit share plan and flexible scheduling, above all else, we pride ourselves on being a human organization. Be it appointments, pets, kids, the good and the bad, PWW wants employees to know the company respects and values their personal lives as much as their professional contributions.

Whether we’re on a Zoom meeting or at happy hour, we have fun. We love office dogs as much as home office dogs and we get as hyped as you do about good food. Whatever it is we’re doing here at PWW, we keep it lively.

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I love working collaboratively to combine artistic touches with user-friendly solutions to find the perfect balance between looks and functionality.

User Experience Designer

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