Quality Assurance

Effective QA means the difference between functioning, and flawless.

Team members and clients value our ability to objectively assess our own work, and commitment to exceed the original product vision.

Our Approach

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Core Team Participation

Our dedicated team of quality assurance professionals embody devotion to the production of better software. An essential role in bringing to life award-winning solutions, quality assurance engineers remain engaged throughout the entire project lifecycle. From kickoff to completion, the QA team contributes actively to scope planning and sprint grooming, communicating with the rest of the project team to ensure everyone is working in sync.

Requirements-Driven Testing

Employing a suite of powerful quality assurance tools, our team is able to shape the QA approach for any scope of contract. We combine manual and automated testing to identify issues as early as possible, as an integral part of the development process. Manual testing complements our automation suites by providing an additional layer of human-centered checks and balances for accessibility and browser/device-specific requirements. This up-front attention to detail and function saves significant costs later.

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User and Client Advocacy

Our QA team helps customers to make informed decisions about the right quality assurance strategies. In scenarios where manual testing is selected as the best option, they work closely with the customer to plan and document appropriate test cases. This involves dissecting available SOW documentation, discovery findings, and backlog stories to finalize a detailed list of requirements that can be translated into actionable tests.

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