Project Management

We run on Agile for transparency, flexibility, and efficiency.

As we continually hone and evolve our management approach, we layer the best learnings from formal frameworks together with our own deep practical experience.

Our Approach

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Agile Milestone-Based Delivery

Because budgets and time are always precious, we use Scrum- and Kanban-based methodologies to keep us as nimble as possible. Working software is the priority, and we set clear expectations for our work, from defining the Minimum Viable Product to imagining the long-term product roadmap. Our project managers may be classically trained, and have the certifications to prove it, but aren’t slaves to doctrine. We take the best from the  Project Management Institute, Scrum Alliance and others and make it our own.

Plan, Do, Review Sprint Cycles

Our Certified Scrum Masters have completed hundreds of sprints and thousands of stand-ups. We default to a standard two-week sprint cycle, allowing for regular check-ins and frequent delivery of working software for our clients to review. We engage in the rituals, not out of conformance, but because they deliver value to our clients…Grooming, Sprint Planning, Stand-Ups, Client Reviews, and Retrospectives. Our approach enables  critical visibility into progress, the flexibility to change course, and the ability to accurately predict outcomes.

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Agency Transformation

Not only do we guide clients to embrace an Agile methodology and be effective with it, we hope that it remains as a legacy of working with us. We show clients the steps that we go through to track progress and make project decisions. These are habits that our clients adopt, because the most effective training is working alongside us during the course of a project as we demonstrate first-hand the effectiveness of our techniques. 

Our Tools

Case Study

How agile training and coaching helped the DMV restructure their organization, and to set themselves up for success on a multi-year modernization project.