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Software Development

Software That Truly Works

Application development is at the heart of what we do every day. We have deep software engineering skills that enable us to create robust, user-centered applications that are both scalable and flexible. Our development capabilities run the gamut, from robust public-facing websites to business-critical internal software applications -- and pretty much everything else in between.

We have a strong commitment to utilizing open-source technologies wherever and whenever possible. Every aspect of the software that we produce will be designed to support your long-term organizational agility. Each open-source tool and library is implemented with adaptability and scalability in mind, so that you will have the capacity to rapidly respond to future growth opportunities whenever they arise. We know how to develop highly stable applications that will “play nice” with your existing infrastructure, regardless of the technology path you’ve chosen.

Our polished and thoroughly tested products are custom built to your precise specifications, delivering all of the automation, productivity, integration and business intelligence gains you would expect. The task of distinguishing yourselves in the eyes of your end users should never be left to strictly standardized, off-the-shelf software.

Professional Developer "Teampower"

Our experienced team offers organizations the ability to bring the most complex business initiatives onto the web. Our developers bring a wealth of practical knowledge from various platforms, meaning that whatever your requirements, chances are that Portland Webworks can help you.

Our team members have been working closely together for years, and they have normalized a highly efficient Agile methodology that systematically builds-in regular communication and coordination with customers. In comparison to other approaches, our process is capable of more rapidly delivering tangible, working software components for customer review and acceptance. Our approach also affords customers a great deal of flexibility in prioritizing the features and functionality that are most important.


Members of the team describe the software development services of Portland Webworks.


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