Sappi Fine Paper

Enterprise Portal

The portal’s content management system has moved Sappi ahead of its competitors, and provided them with the flexibility to support future expansion.

In the competitive paper industry, Sappi Fine Paper NA sought a new enterprise content management system to replace their outdated legacy system before implementing a brand new site design. Through an RFP process, vendors were asked to provide technology recommendations that would not only meet the immediate requirements, but would also be scalable to accommodate future company needs, both domestically and globally. After a competitive proposal and presentation cycle, Sappi chose Portland Webworks as their partner to assist in a major content and design overhaul.


With this in mind, Portland Webworks conducted a thorough review of enterprise portal technologies, and ultimately recommended Liferay Enterprise Portal, a leading open-source portal platform that incorporates powerful content management and collaboration tools. Working with Sappi’s in-house IT team, Portland Webworks helped to specify and set-up a new scalable, high-availability hosting environment capable of handling anticipated traffic growth. The Portland Webworks team then worked to implement the new site design, provided by VSA Partners, and migrate existing content into the new system.


The end result has been a site, and a set of content management tools, that have moved Sappi ahead of its competitors, and provide the flexibility to support future expansion.