Lucas Tree Experts

Mobile App

Lucas Tree Experts gained a significant competitive advantage with their mobile app, both for the efficiency of their crews and the speed at which they track and report their activities to clients.

Lucas Tree Experts is one of the Northeast’s leading Integrated Vegetation Management firms, providing maintenance and restoration services to utilities, municipalities and state agencies. The nature of their work demands high standards in safety and accountability, which generates high volumes of paperwork to track activity and safety management.


With the increased availability of low-cost mobile technologies, Lucas Tree Experts recognized the opportunity to convert its traditionally paper-based workflow to an electronic format. Portland Webworks was selected to spearhead development initiative with a view to developing a device-agnostic mobile solution that would allow Lucas Tree to take advantage of future technology improvements. To accommodate these requirements the team created a rich HTML/CSS/AngularJS solution that leverages the PhoneGap framework to access device hardware (GPS, NFC etc.) and bundle the software for use on different operating systems.


Delivery of the finished phase-1 software product was accomplished in mid 2014. The software gives Lucas Tree Experts a significant competitive advantage, both in terms of the efficiency of their crews and the speed in which they can track and report their activities to clients and regulatory bodies.