Quality Control App

TruQC’s mobile app gained traction in industrial and construction fields, where firms were impressed with the exponential productivity gains realized since purchasing the software.

With deep roots in the industrial coatings industry, the team at TruQC was intimately familiar with the many paper-intensive processes associated with managing large job sites, but also had a clear vision of how mobile technology could be leveraged to wrestle these paper tigers. After developing the initial version of their app externally, TruQC approached Portland Webworks in 2012 for assistance in both further enhancing and thoroughly testing their product.


As the positive response to the TruQC app grew, their vision expanded based on client feedback, and Portland Webworks developers assisted the TruQC team with feature development. Additionally, Portland Webworks’ Quality Assurance team developed a thorough and comprehensive testing plan to ensure that the TruQC app remained a robust, field-ready tool. Similar to construction projects, if one part of the TruQC iPad application infrastructure was weak, it could jeopardize budgets, time, usability and certainly creditability. Ross Boyd, CEO of TruQC was quoted as saying, “The app is stable, reliable and a tremendous value added for our customers.”


TruQC has released and continues to enhance their product – a rich, cloud-based quality control app for the iPad, that syncs onsite documentation in real-time both safely and reliably. The TruQC app continues to gain traction in various industrial and construction fields, where firms are impressed with the exponential productivity gains they have been able to realize since purchasing the software.