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Simplifying the Complex – Function Point Analysis – Part 3

Welcome to part 3, where I’ll continue traversing the wonders of the Function Point Analysis. In part 3, I’ll take a brief look at some samples that will help in the identification of External Files, Queries and finally an Output - bringing all 5 types of Elementary Processes into focus for you and ultimately arming you with a very powerful tool to add to your arsenal of estimating tools.... read more

  • 31 January 2014
  • Post by Todd Merry

From Caterpillar to Butterfly: Transforming Your Company’s Culture to Agile

In my last blog post, “A Call for Agility in the Age of Constant Change”, I wrote how it is indisputably clear that Agile is becoming a mainstream methodology, and that Agile is winning the race when it comes to completing complex projects.... read more

  • 27 December 2013
  • Post by Miljan Bajic

Software development and the age-old mistake

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, the news has been filled with the coverage of the not so stellar deployment of the Obamacare website. I won’t pretend I know what went wrong with the project, as I was not a fly on the wall.... read more

  • 29 October 2013
  • Post by Kim Carelton

PWW Ranks #3 in Best Places Awards

After being nominated to the annual Best Places to Work in Maine list eariler in the year, final rankings weren't released until the awards dinner recently hosted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Maine State Council.... read more

  • 23 October 2013
  • Post by Tom Lovering

Portland Webworks named to 2013 Best Places to Work In Maine list

Portland Webworks has just been named as one of the 2013 Best Places to Work in Maine. The awards program was created in 2006 and is a project of the Society for Human Resource Management, Maine State Council and Best Companies Group.... read more

  • 27 August 2013
  • Post by Evan Rosenfield

Jenkins Configuration for a Yeoman based AngularJS web application

At Portland Webworks we use continuous integration, the process of frequent testing and deployment of the software, to deliver higher quality products at a lower cost.... read more

  • 21 August 2013
  • Post by John Stoltenborg



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