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Simplifying The Complex - Function Point Analysis - Part 1

Arguably, the toughest part of any project is estimating it’s cost and/or schedule. My wife has always teased me about my ability to estimate when I will leave work and it being inversely proportional to the importance of me getting home at a specific time.... read more

  • 28 March 2013
  • Post by Todd Merry

The Evolution of Software Quality Assurance in an Agile World

I was chatting with a colleague recently and they asked whether I liked doing QA. Initially, I found the question rather amusing as it’s been my career choice for several years, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the question had merit.... read more

  • 13 March 2013
  • Post by Diane Bienkowski

Survival of the fittest

This past fall, Portland Webworks entered its 14th year of operation as a custom software development and consulting firm. As this milestone passed I reflected on how much the industry had changed around this organization over the years.... read more

  • 22 February 2013
  • Post by Justin Davis

Even diamonds start as coal. Forging perfect business requirements.

I've heard that "diamonds are a girl's best friend." Thinking about this makes me smile and reminds me that while this is definitely true (for me at least…is my husband listening?), finding the perfect diamond is challenging, time-consuming, and requires subject matter experts to help you make the right decision. ... read more

  • 21 February 2013
  • Post by Alison Schestopol

Extending the google.maps.Map object

google.maps.Map is the constructor function for map objects in version 3 of the Google Maps JavaScript API. Because JavaScript is a very flexible and accommodating language, it should be easy to extend the Map object and roll your own mapping platform. Unfortunately, the design of google.maps.Map makes the usual way of extending an object in JavaScript unworkable:... read more

  • 24 January 2013
  • Post by Bogart Salzberg

Idaho Medicaid Readiness

Portland Webworks was recently selected by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare to help develop a public facing benefits eligibility system in support of the state’s Medicaid Readiness Initiative.... read more

  • 29 October 2012
  • Post by Tom Lovering



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