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Professional Development

Ace Your Interview With Portland Webworks

You’ll find endless blogs on how to ace a job interview, but the really useful info is how to interview with a specific company. Knowing what criteria best fits into the workplace culture can make all the difference in your

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Top 10 UX Trends For 2021

Top 10 Most Effective UX Trends for 2021

By Sarah Crossman With 2020 behind us, we’ve all been working hard to make a fresh start in 2021. However, I find, as a designer, that the events of 2020 are still impacting how we interact online. Here’s a look

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Motivation Techniques
Professional Development

Motivation Techniques That Actually Work

By Kevin Ferguson We know motivation when we see it in others. The colleague that always seems to have gone the extra mile (or two!) and not just completed his project but also pilots a new technique in the process. The

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