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Combining Yeoman, AngularJS, and Cordova for Mobile Development

Lets walkthrough the process of getting a Yeoman based AngularJS application up and running inside Cordova/PhoneGap environment on an Android device. While we will cover Android only, the same general steps should apply for an iOS device as well, and the Yeoman project should be able to be shared between the different Cordova projects.... read more

  • 18 July 2013
  • Post by Nick Stuart

Combining Yeoman, AngularJS, and Cordova for Mobile - Part II

Cordova/PhoneGap install Download and unzip the Cordova src file, then go into that directory and unzip the file. You should end up with a ‘bin’ directory with a ‘create’ command in it. You will need to make sure this folder is in your shell environments PATH variable before continuing. Back in our top level ‘ang-droid’ folder, run the following:... read more

  • 17 July 2013
  • Post by Nick Stuart

Testing AngularJS Directives: Handling External Templates

AngularJS provides support for testing directives.  Testing directives that use inline templates -- html that is embedded within the directive's code -- is a straightforward process.  What isn't straightforward is testing a directive that uses an external html template.... read more

  • 03 July 2013
  • Post by John Gordon

Understanding Regression Automation

Everyone in software development and Quality Assurance seems to be talking about automation these days. With all that chatter, there should be some discussion about what Regression Automation is and how it fits into a software development cycle.... read more

  • 15 June 2013
  • Post by Brett Amundsen

A Call for Agility in the Age of Constant Change

Confronted with the extraordinary challenges in today's business environment, organizations find that change is the only constant. It is vital that organizations quickly adjust to it in order to survive. This growing need for faster and more adaptive solutions to problems is increasingly leading companies to adopt the Agile Methodologies.... read more

  • 11 June 2013
  • Post by Miljan Bajic

Simplifying The Complex – Function Point Analysis – Part 2

Ready for some more estimating madness? Good! Persistence is a wonderful virtue, and you’ll need some persistence to become good at estimating software development projects. In part 2, I’m going to walk you through a couple of sample counting exercises to help you continue to become more familiar with the Function Point Analysis method of estimating software development projects.... read more

  • 08 June 2013
  • Post by Todd Merry



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