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Mission Statement

Portland Webworks' mission is to deliver highly reliable, stable, secure IT solutions with intrinsic value. We apply industry best practices as we render advisory support to create strategic software deliverables that enhance business and organizational performance. This includes an overarching objective of improving user experience, fostering collaboration and synergy, and streamlining burdensome processes and workflows — all at a competitive cost.

So, what does all of that really mean exactly?

Portland Webworks' mission is to create high quality software that optimizes performance. We deliver expert industry perspective and software that is as usable and powerful as it is attractive.

Nope. Still Don't get it. Talk to me like I'm five years old.

Portland Webworks' mission is to rid the world of crummy software and suffocating processes. We banish ignorance and beautify the ugly.

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A lot has changed since our company was founded. The technology landscape is forever shifting, as new paradigms emerge, gain prevalence, and ultimately give way to the next big thing. But throughout it all, some things have stayed reassuringly the same.

Since its founding in 1999, Portland Webworks has enjoyed both client and industry praise as it has grown into one of northern New England’s premier web and software development firms. From its humble beginnings, Portland Webworks has always distinguished itself from its competition by a focus on client service and a consistent dedication to crafting high quality, technically innovative, and visually appealing web products.

Today, Portland Webworks has grown to offer the resources and experience necessary to handle the largest IT and web development projects.


Members of the team discuss the history of Portland Webworks.




At Portland Webworks we’re committed to the community and world in which we live, and to making it a better place, even in a small way. That’s why we’ve made a practice of supporting local organizations who are trying to make a difference. Sometimes the impact is local, sometimes the impact is felt on the other side of the world. Either way, we’re proud to have done our part.

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