2022 Year in Review - Map of USA with markers for client and employee locations

2022 Year in Review

The year's highlights and most popular blog articles
This year we celebrated 20 states served during our 23 years in business. Our team also grew to 57 members with employees in 23 states. We are grateful to each state agency and client we worked with this year and each team member that worked with us to create a network of employees and clients across the nation. See map above, and highlights below. We’re also grateful for the team members and industry experts who contributed their expertise to make up the year’s most popular blog articles, see below the highlights for the Top 12 blogs of 2022. Cheers to all of you!

Highlights of 2022

  • 2 new Federal projects
  • 3 awards (Gold and Silver W3 and Web Excellence)
  • 6 times winning Best Places to Work in Maine
  • 9 new clients
  • 20 states served (3 new states in 2022)
  • 57 total employees
A sampling of some of the clients and projects from the year:

New contracts

  1. American Battlefield Monuments Commission (as sub)
  2. Colorado Judicial Branch
  3. Financial Authority of Maine
  4. Maryland Health Care Commission
  5. Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks
  6. Multnomah County, Oregon
  7. North Dakota Department of Health and Human Services
  8. North Dakota Department of Transportation
  9. Veterans Administration (as sub)

In progress

  • Advocates for Human Potential / California Dept. of Health Care Services
  • Colorado State University / Center for the New Energy Economy
  • Florida Turnpike Enterprise: SunPass website redesign and front end consumer app redevelopment
  • Idaho Department of Health and Welfare: Various projects
  • Maine Department of Education: EnGiNE Innovation in Education Platform
  • Maine Department of Education: Learn with MOOSE!
  • Washington DSHS / Washington Cares Fund


Top 12 blog articles of 2022

From the GovWebworks blog (based on page views from Google Analytics and Mouseflow):

1. Innovation for Integrated Eligibility Systems

Jamie Brennan on why and how to streamline integrated eligibility system modernization For Jamie Brennan, a good day at work means people have access to better online tools for state social service programs…continue reading.  Jamie Brennan April 5, 2022

2. The Everyday Agile Coach

Agile coach and author Bob Galen on how to lead by example It was after publishing his most recent book, Extraordinarily Badass Agile Coaching, that author Bob Galen realized agile coaching skills aren’t just for agile coaches, rather, everyone can benefit from them…continue reading.  Bob Galen November 15, 2022

3. Improving Government Services

San Francisco’s new chief digital services officer, Cyd Harrell, on the benefits of user research and civic tech About a decade ago, user experience researcher Cyd Harrell had a pivotal career moment, as noted in her 2013 TED Talk…continue reading.  Cyd Harrell May 24, 2022

4. Public Interest Technology to the Rescue

Tara McGuinness and Hana Schank on how government can improve design and delivery of online services “The field of public interest technology is having a moment,” says Tara McGuinness, co author with Hana Schank of Power to the Public: The Promise of Public Interest Technologycontinue reading.  Tara McGuiness & Hana Schank July 9, 2022

5. Evolutionary Leadership, Explained

Michael Sahota on how leaders can shift to a people-centric mindset “Agile went across the chasm probably eight years ago,” says agile consultant and coach Michael Sahota of Shift314…continue reading.  Michael Sahota June 28, 2022

6. Overcoming Data Limitations with Drupal Views

How to leverage the power of Views and Apache Solr in back-end code If you’ve developed with Drupal, you’ve probably worked with Views, the pre-eminent solution for displaying multiple pieces of content…continue reading.  Jason Safro May 31, 2022

7. Succeed with Digital Content

Successful content means successful users, says Padma Gillen In Lead With Content: How to put content at the center of digital transformation, Padma Gillen points out an important reminder for content managers…continue reading.  Padma Gillen March 22, 2022

8. Agile in Education With John Miller and Miljan Bajic: Agile to Agility Highlights

How schools can use Scrum and Agile principles to get students future ready When asked to describe himself, Certified Scrum Coach John Miller says, “Curious, always willing to try something different to make things better.”…continue reading.  Miljan Bajic & John Miller January 18, 2022

9. Debriefing the Debrief

How an effective RFP debrief process leads to more engaged vendors and better bids As an information technology company that works routinely with government customers, we spend a lot of time and energy on Requests for Proposals (RFPs)…continue reading. Tom Lovering February 8, 2022

10. March AI Lab Newsletter

Recent news about Machine Translation, OpenAI, and Natural Language Processing Our roundup of the latest articles and news relating to artificial intelligence and online services in the public sector touches on important topics in the industry…continue reading. Adam Kempler March 29, 2022

11. 16 Quick Tips for Mobile-Friendly Services

Making government services easier to access with a smartphone How do you make online services easier to access?…continue reading. Peter Clark January 25, 2022

12. How to Build an Executive Data Dashboard

Provide stakeholders with an information-rich dashboard for viewing website data You’ve invested countless hours (and $$$) in planning, designing, building, testing, and implementing your new website…continue reading. Todd Merry June 21, 2022  

Here’s to 2023

Thank you again to our clients, vendors, event organizers, employees, and contractors. We wish you the happiest of holidays, and best wishes for 2023!

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