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Improving Process With Open-Source Technologies

How to reduce friction and increase efficiency with best practices from the community

By Joseph Descalzota

Every Drupal website we work on, regardless of client, pretty much follows the same process: A Drupal instance is set up, modules get installed, designs are translated into themes, and business logic is applied where needed. Rinse and repeat. Simple, right?

Well, not really.

There will always be things that prevent projects from being just another cookie-cutter website. Teams change, and so too shall preferences on how to do things. There are those who have a certain bias towards or against certain ways of doing things. Then there are those who build things that nobody else knows about. There are those who chase after or stay away from the new and shiny.

In any project, in any team, in any company, there will always be some form of random chaos – which is perfectly fine. That’s just how the creative process works. But when this chaos is left unchecked, it can cause a disconnect between team members and projects. Team members aren’t on the same page, projects are dreaded and avoided, and everyone starts to speak in whispers.

This harms morale, productivity, and therefore, efficiency.

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