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User Satisfaction

Win the User. Save the Day.

We’ve all heard the parable of the orphaned and underappreciated application that went for want of adoption. Equally popular is the tale of the user community that angrily stormed the server room carrying torches and pitchforks. Such stories have been told so often that most IT professionals can repeat them without even the slightest exertion, but too many companies still fail to give due consideration to the important lessons that underlie these classic yarns.

These days, even the most carefully selected resources must enter into direct competition with an entire universe of alternative products and solutions. When users don’t like what is selected for them, they complain and struggle. In the worst cases, they terminate employment en masse and erode productivity. The best solutions win communities over by accommodating the full scope of user preferences and work habits, introducing an environment that is secure, integrated, attractive, exciting, convenient, powerful, familiar, intuitive, mobile-friendly, and easier to use than anything else the users could imagine on their own.

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