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Enterprise Portals

One application to rule them all

As companies have come to rely more and more on information technology to manage daily operations, many have experienced unintended growth in the number of disparate applications they support and ask their employees to use. As a result the user experience can be one with numerous passwords to remember, and ever-expanding screen real estate required to handle all the separate windows.

Enter the enterprise portal to help cut through the clutter, and offer a single interface through which to access a company’s critical systems, as well as provide a central location for sharing information. Many of today’s portals also offer rich content management and collaboration tools to help unify disparate workers, making them powerful solutions for a diverse group of customers.

Not only have portals been embraced in the private sector, but also in education and government settings, where they provide the backbone for internal collaboration. Since the late 1990s, almost all of the major software manufacturers have been making a play for their slice of the enterprise portal market. Some of these offerings have been incredibly feature rich, and incredibly complex -- not to mention incredibly expensive. But that doesn’t mean you have to follow that path.

Here at Portland Webworks we’ve spent a good amount of time evaluating many of the options available and so we can offer some good advice to companies feeling the need to unify their IT infrastructure through a portal.

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