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Content Management

Website Redevelopment and Redesign Made Easy

The Content Management System (CMS) has become the de facto standard for handling web content, greatly simplifying the day-to-day tasks of website management for non-technical users. 

Although CMS come in many flavors the best ones share some common features and benefits:

  • Making it incredibly easy for any non-technical user to administer a website, because nearly all aspects of the CMS site are managed through simple graphic user interfaces (rather than through code).
  • Saving a great deal of time and effort by delivering a full suite of standardized, out-of-the-box “core” functionality that is richer, more configurable, more stable, more secure, and generally more encompassing than “from scratch” implementations (ex. search functionality, user accounts, blogs and forums, news feeds, administrative controls, account-driven features and content, etc.).
  • Improving site structure by enabling interface-driven control over layouts, formats, and styles that can be applied consistently across all pages and site areas.
  • Empowering every team member, regardless of technical background, to contribute ideas and actual content, so that the best, most up-to-date, most compelling messaging can be conceived, produced, and published.
  • Organizing the human aspects of collaboration and publication by enabling control over user roles and approval workflows.
  • Creating efficiencies by centralizing management of re-usable content, so that a particular segment of content need only be edited once in order to adjust every instance of the same content’s appearance across all pages of an entire site.
  • Streamlining the process of basic form and application development (reducing traditionally time-consuming development activities to simple drag-and-drop exercises, with some additional configuration through the interface).
  • Enabling incorporation of additional robust functionality through easy-to-install software add-ons and plug-ins (e.g. web stores, events calendars).
  • Benefiting from a large support community, so there will be many experts at hand who can assist with site and module configuration (whereas maintenance of any hand-coded site would usually be more dependent upon a particular developer or team).
  • Interoperable with other major institutional systems, as in cases where data needs to flow from web forms to backend databases (CRM, ERP, Ecommerce, etc.).

Putting Outstanding CMS Value Within Reach

While many of the latest generation of CMS products are open source and can be obtained at little or no cost (some of the most popular solutions like Drupal, WordPress, or Joomla, are totally free to use) initial implementation of a CMS may still represent a hurdle for some organizations. A CMS needs to be properly installed and configured, and it also needs to support the desired design theme. It is also usually necessary to move legacy website pages into the new CMS platform, which can be a time-consuming process. 

Larger organizations will sometimes struggle with these matters, especially in cases where an organization has already made a significant investment in a more traditional web platform. On a large and complex site, it might be necessary to adjust hundreds of nuanced manual settings. There might then be hundreds or thousands of individual legacy pages that must be moved and reformatted. While the potential benefits of migration to a new CMS are many, the task can appear off-putting to an organization lacking in the necessary experience and manpower.

But Portland Webworks can help! We routinely work with government agencies, corporate institutions, and enterprise-level organizations to make their migrations to CMS platforms utterly painless. We can transform the burden of site migration into an easy, fun, collaborative experience, free of confusion, complexity, and arduous labor. We make it possible for our customers to take maximum advantage of the benefits of CMS software, ensuring in the process that our customers can remain exclusively focused on the strategic aspects of website messaging, design, organization, and presentation -- the aspects of the site that really matter most.


Drupal Content Management System

Drupal is a lightweight and flexible open source content management system that is in use powering thousands of websites of all shapes and sizes. Like many of the products we choose to use, Drupal enjoys a large and active developer base, which means that people are overcoming technical challenges every day, and sharing them back with the community. This means that the Drupal system is constantly being improved and enhanced.

Developed using PHP, Drupal has seen increasing adoption in the enterprise, as its value as a lightweight and flexible development platform have driven its growth. As illustration of this, Drupal’s third-party module library contains many examples of packages developed specifically to achieve integration with common enterprise applications, such as directory servers and convenient load balancing support. At Portland Webworks we’ve adopted Drupal just for this reason. When you need a lightweight content management system that plays nice with enterprise systems, Drupal fits the bill.

Why Portland Webworks

These are some of the reasons you should choose Portland Webworks.

Open-Source Orientation
On-staff Design Resources
Migration Support
Content Strategy
Results Oriented Methods
Hosting Expertise
Project Continuity
Ongoing Team Commitment and Support
Cost Competitive


We have extensive experience providing large-scale migration services for government agencies, private sector companies, and other enterprise-level organizations. We have established and proven practices for working with multiple stakeholders, and have handled a wide variety of different content types.

Open Source Orientation

We use well-established, open source technologies, such as Drupal. These solutions have been hardened over the course of many years of use by a global community. The open source nature of our tools results in a lower, more affordable Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), free from long term licensing constraints.

On-Staff Design Resources

We employ highly skilled, award-winning, in-house designers who can help to translate the vision for a sophisticated website into tangible reality. Our designers have worked with major advertising agencies, state agencies, and familiar international brands to produce attractive and compelling web experiences. Our team places equal emphasis on aesthetic appeal and site usability. This approach results in a measurable improvements in site traffic, visitor retention and workflow completion.

Migration Support

Our team combines proprietary automation tools and scripts with manual migration and cleanup to ensure both efficient and accurate migration. Our tools expedite the initial transfer of data into the CMS platform, while our migration specialists review and correct as necessary to ensure all content is consistent with communication, branding and accessibility goals.

Content Strategy

Redeveloping your site is a great opportunity to refresh and update your content to make sure it aligns with today's business objectives. We provide comprehensive consultation and advisory services with regard to information architecture, organization, and content strategy.

Results Oriented Methods

We operate like a tight-knit software task force, and apply Agile development methods. Our processes produce polished deliverables on time and on budget.

Hosting Expertise

Our company has extensive experience with hosting. We can provide supplementary guidance and expertise with regard to the setup and configuration of enterprise-level hosting environments supported by major service providers, such as Amazon Web Services and Rackspace.

Project Continuity

We give every customer full attention and support. The continuity of our team means that our customers enjoy unparalleled continuity of service over course of our long-term relationships. From project to project, you will be able to work consistently with the same familiar group of highly qualified Developers and Designers who will share a mutual understanding of your messaging priorities, themes, and interests. This translates directly into elevated productivity for many customers, as well as an impression of genuine marketing and communication partnership – rather than mere software development service.

Ongoing Commitment

When the Portland Webworks team accepts a contract, it means our employees have collectively made a commitment, and our entire team takes the commitment very seriously. Our in-house Developers and Designers stand personally behind the company’s promises. We offer warranties and support agreements on all deliverables.

Cost Competitive

Our pricing is fair and reasonable. Our Maine location often means that we can offer the same services for a more aggressive price. Contact us now and let us provide an estimate on your needs!
Address your strategic priorities
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