Process Consulting

Process Training and Consulting

The term "Agile" actually refers to an entire family of contemporary methods for IT Project Management. Collectively, these methods consistently deliver profound benefits, including greater accountability, increased transparency, enhanced flexibility and ultimately better client relationships.

But the proper application of Agile does not come naturally to every organization. Teams often struggle to apply the new process fully, or misunderstand the significance of particular aspects of the model, adopting only portions of the method and ultimately fail to achieve the desired benefits.

To help organizations overcome these very common Agile transition challenges, Portland Webworks offers a complete suite of consulting, training, and coaching services. We fully understand the challenges that organizations face when they make their initial moves towards Agile, and can provide the necessary scope of instruction and in-the-trenches guidance to facilitate long-term team transformation.

Specifically, our experienced Project Managers, ScrumMasters, Agile Trainers, and Agile Coaches can work with partner teams to deliver such essential services as:

  • Agile process readiness assessment and preparatory guidance
  • Classroom instruction, brown bag sessions, and lectures about Agile principles and practices
  • Executive-level seminars regarding Agile adoption, metrics, and strategic alignment
  • Live coaching for ScrumMasters, Developers, and QA personnel
  • In-team embedding of experienced Agile professionals
  • Temporary placement of Agile trainees within experienced professional teams
  • Implementation support for popular Agile tools, resources, and infrastructure
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