Business Analysis

Business Analysis

It’s a typical story of a Portland Webworks customer:

A client reaches out to our organization with what they feel to be a basic requirement for simple web functionality. We meet with the customer, discuss the need, and helped them "envision and speculate" about their real need. During the process, the customer experienced a classic “aha!” moment. We had helped the customer realize the potentail opportunity in front of them, that would address the real life needs, expectations, and interests of actual users. The client embraces the new vision, redefines their requirements, and ends up working with our company to produce a market leading web experience.

This is what we strive to do for every customer, and it is the driving reason so many businesses and government agencies trust Portland Webworks as a software provider. We don't just try to produce products that our customers think they might need. Rather, we try to become familiar with the full requirements and implications of each project, whether the requirements were clearly articulated from the start, or not.

We position ourselves as partners, and collaborate with stakeholders and users to cultivate a practical understanding of current business models and priorities, work processes, infrastructure, success triggers, future objectives, and challenges. We then deliver feature rich, dramatically effective applications that deliver lasting value above and beyond what could be accomplished through an off-the-shelf implementation.

Our unrelenting focus on user-centric design, simultaneously blended with our flexible Agile orientation, is the distinctive formula that makes collaboration with our team such a positive, satisfying, productive experience. Call us, and let us help you find the pieces -- the right pieces -- that will lay the foundation for your long-term productivity, growth, and scalability.

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