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Design Advisory Services

Sharing Our Toys and Playing Well

Although we have earned our stripes in the design arena, we have no trouble working with other creative teams to help extend their ideas online. We've often worked with our customers’ in-house staff and third-party consultants in the process of developing some truly outstanding sites.

On the larger projects we work on there can be a compelling case for separating the design concerns from the technical requirements and given our bias towards the nerd end of the spectrum we often play the role of "implementation specialist", as contributing members of larger design teams. In these scenarios, we have been able to bring cutting-edge and innovative ideas that have raised the bar with regard to features and functionality, while simultaneously heightening awareness of conventions and best practices for the web.

Whatever the desired level of our involvement, our experts will remain available and on-hand for our customers to guide and advise the design process as needed. Our dual technical and artistic orientation leaves us well positioned to make valuable contributions to nearly any project.

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