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Warren Release Papers


A division of Sappi Fine Paper NA, Warren Release Papers manufactures a broad range of textured papers used to apply detail and finish to a range of synthetic materials used primarily in the fashion, furnishing, and automotive industries. This presented a two-fold technological challenge; firstly, how to make such an extensive range of textures intuitive and easy to navigate, and secondly, how to display the dimensional qualities of each texture in the distinctly two-dimensional medium of the web.


Portland Webworks’ design team developed an intuitive “cover flow” interface to allow users to quickly browser through multiple textures according to fabric type and application. Additionally, the interface included a virtual “printer’s loupe“ to allow users to view textures in high detail. Finally, we developed an easy-to-use administrative interface, allowing the client to add and manage textures without any technical training.


The final result is a rich, interactive tool that provides the convenience of being able to quickly browse through hundreds of textures, yet still offers rich detail and technical information on each individual texture to help buyers make informed decisions.

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