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Warren Release Mobile


Warren Release Papers has long sought out new and innovative ways to showcase its texture catalog to prospective buyers, and in 2010 were amongst the first companies to leverage the iPad as a business tool. Placing iPad‘s in their hands of key decision makers, complete with an interactive catalog of their textures, Warren Release Papers was able to gain a significant edge over their competitors. However, with a dynamic range of textures, pushing updates to these devices proved time consuming, particularly when many of the devices were being used in remote areas of the world, where connection speeds were slow and unreliable.


Warren Release Papers turned to Portland Webworks in 2012 to completely re-architect their solution, to integrate push notifications of new textures, and to sync the app with the same administrative database used to manage the company's desktop web interface. The rebuild also brought the app up-to-date with the changing iOS landscape, taking advantage of new OS features, and accommodating the growing variety of screen sizes in the Apple product line.


The new application has been designed to run on any Apple mobile device, and greatly simplifies the process of updating the latest textures. After the initial texture update, background loading brings in any new textures while the app is in use, and users can even defer downloading new textures until they are connected to wi-fi. In such a dynamic industry, where trends and fashions change consistently, the new app continues to keep Warren Release one step ahead of its competition.

  • Categories: Manufacturing, Mobile
  • Project Type: Mobile Development, User Centered Design
  • Technologies: iOS

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