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Massachusetts Clean Energy Center


The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MASSCEC) is dedicated to accelerating the success of clean energy technologies throughout Massachusetts. In 2014, after turnover of some technical personnel, MASSCEC found itself in a position where it had become responsible for a number of aging tools and applications. The organization conducted an in-depth assessment of its online assets, and ultimately determined that it was time to find a professional IT vendor that would be capable of providing long-term, full-scope software consulting support, oriented towards the maintenance and renewal of MASSCEC's web presence, web-based tools, and resources.


Through a competitive bid process, Portland Webworks was identified as the best vendor for the job. Portland Webworks kicked-off the contract by engaging MASSCEC in a comprehensive discovery process, through which we carefully explored MASSCEC's priorities and long-term objectives with respect to resource redevelopment. In late 2014, we got started on the hands-on work by overhauling the organization's job board, enhancing its functionality through migration into a more powerful and sophisticated Drupal framework. We then proceeded to support a transparency initiative that involved a more broad-based, user-centric redevelopment of the organization's website. These redevelopment efforts encompassed an updated information architecture and a dramatic redesign that would make it easier for users to pinpoint information more rapidly.


Launched in early 2016, MASSCEC's updated, fully-responsive website is being considered an unqualified improvement for both the client and end users. Client stakeholders are extremely pleased with the streamlined, mobile-friendly design and architecture, which effectively guide user attention towards key information and core functionality. The customer has also reported a great deal of satisfaction with our technical implementation, which seamlessly incorporates multi-site control through use of Drupal's Domain Access module. Our solution has additionally made content management even more friendly to non-technical personnel, who can now truly manage both core and micro-site web publishing within the context of a simple, collaborative Drupal workflow. End users are likewise reacting very favorably to the enhanced functionality and modernized site design, as evidenced by a clear and convincing trend towards increased visitor engagement.

  • Categories: Association, Government, Non-profit, Other
  • Project Type: Content Management, Content Migration, Design Advisory Services, Graphic Design, User Centered Design
  • Technologies: Drupal, HTML5, CSS3
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