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Maine Office of Tourism


Challenged with limited staff and resources, the Maine Office of Tourism is tasked with the duty of collecting, organizing and promoting information to support the growth of tourism within the State of Maine. The Office receives information on thousands of businesses, events and destinations each year, and required a powerful set of tools to help them manage this vast amount of data.


Portland Webworks has been working with the Maine Office of Tourism since 2002 to help grow the Maine tourism industry. In that time we have developed a set of custom tools that provide MOT staff with oversight over the constant influx of information that flows through their office every day, and allows them to present it in a compelling way to potential visitors.


The site,, has been nationally recognized by both the travel and web design industries for its effective synthesis of compelling design and destination marketing with an intuitive yet robust information architecture. The site has seen consistent, year-over-year traffic growth as it has kept pace with the ever increase demands and sophistication of tourists researching potential destinations online.

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