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Maine Medical Center


In 2009 Maine Health began investing more than $5.8 million in developing a state-of-the-art medical simulation center to benefit the students, resident and current medical staff of Maine Medical Center. Designed to train medical professionals in both technical and diagnostic skills, the Center opened in October 2010, with the aim to grow into one of the premier simulation and training facilities in the country. To this end, Maine Medical staff had innovative ideas about how to facilitate interaction between students and faculty in an online environment. Portland Webworks was recruited to implement a solution that could serve both the Center’s public-facing web requirements as well as provide a virtual setting in which members of the simulation community can collaborate.


Liferay Portal was a natural fit for this project, given its powerful web content management tools, as well as its many collaboration tools, such as blogs, wikis and forums. It is also known for being highly interoperable and standards compliant, paving the way for integration with existing technologies used to manage training and course work at the Center.


The initial public site was launched when the Center opened in October 2010, and since then plans are developing to create a virtual environment for students, faculty and staff to share information. Through this initiative Maine Health is creating a unique union of the highest quality hands-on training with an innovative virtual classroom in which students, faculty and staff can exchange knowledge.

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