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Maine Judicial Branch


The original case management functionality for the Maine Judicial Information System (MEJIS) was developed in COBOL and after a decade of service, it was long overdue for replacement with a more modern application framework. At the same time, given the legacy system’s organic evolution, there was a lack of existing documentation, which demanded an extensive discovery process.


Portland Webworks has been a leader in a cross-vendor team assembled to assist the Maine Judicial Branch Office of Information Technology in retiring this legacy presentation layer and develop a new, more intuitive interface to communicate with the existing Oracle database. Since the MJB is the only state judicial branch running on the Apple OS platform, the decision was made to leverage the rapid application development tools supplied by Apple to create a Mac desktop application. Since that decision, Portland Webworks has been heavily involved in the roll out of various applications in the MEJIS2 suite, and has developed deep expertise in Apple’s Cocoa and WebObjects toolsets.


Portland Webworks continues to provide critical support to the MEJIS2 project, both in terms of software development, and quality assurance, and is committed to the long term success of the project.

  • Categories: Government
  • Project Type: Quality Assurance, Software Development

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