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Maine Court System


The Maine Court System has long been a pioneer in providing Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in a broad variety of court cases, including domestic relations matters, small claims, larger civil and commercial cases, and in land use and environmental disputes. Most recently, ADR has been employed in support of the state’s Foreclosure Diversion Program, which was introduced in 2009 to help homeowners and lenders achieve mutually agreeable to mortgage foreclosure actions. In order to track and report on the growing number of cases in the Foreclosure Diversion Program, as well as the numerous other cases handled through ADR, the Maine Judicial Brach commissioned the development of a system to track and report on ADR outcomes, as well as manage and pay mediators who work within the ADR system.


The application that was developed, christened ADRIS, provides a rich, entirely web based interface for mediators, financial personnel and program managers who monitor the ADR system. ADRIS creates and tracks profiles for all mediators within the system, and allows mediators to enter detailed reports of all mediation sessions, as well as submit payment and expense requisitions. Program Managers are then able to view and create reports based on numerous criteria, such as date range, outcome, geographic area, or by mediator.


The ADRIS application is a rich, interactive application providing much of the functionality of a traditional desktop application. It is set to provide tremendous benefit to the ADR system, both in terms of data integrity, and in monitoring the success of the Foreclosure Diversion Program.

  • Categories: Government, Judicial
  • Project Type: Software Development, System Integration
  • Technologies: Java, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, Sencha ExtJS

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