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Idaho Health and Welfare


Like many states, Idaho had seen a significant increase in caseload for SNAP, cash assistance and Medicaid programs in recent years, and felt a pressing need to streamline the processing of claims. The signing of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 provided an opportunity for IDHW to modernize its service delivery tools through the available 90-10 federal funding to support the implementation of new technology.


Portland Webworks lead development of the Idalink web portal utilizing Liferay Portal as the core platform, based on IDHW’s existing technology preferences, although the portal played a relatively discrete roll, handling user management and permissions. The core functionality of Idalink was developed as a separate application, which handles the eligibility evaluation process, running within the portal via a web content display portlet.


Response to the initial launch of the Idalink portal has been overwhelmingly positive, as was IDHW’s experience of working with Portland Webworks on its development. Although benefits re-evaluation is a complex multi-step process, users of the Idalink portal are now able to navigate the process smoothly, thanks to its user-friendly design and optimum system response times. This goes a long way towards achieving one of the core business requirements, that the online re-evaluation be easier (and preferable) to other methods for re-evaluation that place a heavier burden on IDHW staff.

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  • Categories: Government, Health
  • Project Type: Enterprise Portals, Manual Testing, Quality Assurance, System Integration, User Centered Design
  • Technologies: Liferay, AngularJS, Java
  • Website:

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