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Making sense of the volumes of business and financial information available to prospective investors and enabling them to make informed investment decisions is persistent challenge. Simply adding more data sources can just add more noise, making it even hard to identify the true opportunity. Discern, a firm of experience investment analysts, based in San Francisco, is working hard to leverage technology to filter out the noise, and provide true insight to investors. They partnered with Portland Webworks' experienced UI team to help shape the next generation of investment tools that they are developing.


Portland Webworks' team began by taking a deep dive in to the world of financial analysis, conducting user interviews with analysts, institutional investors and other key stakeholders in the investment process. This allowed us to bring an informed opinion to the process of developing the core user interface elements that would help visualize key metrics, and provide a broad range of tools for analysts to parse data and set appropriate notifications. Each phase of design involved intensive review with stakeholders, ensuring a thoroughly vetted product.


The initial UI designs are currently undergoing field trials as Discern's pilot customers put them through their paces, and identify new feature requirements. Round two of the designs will be thoroughly battle-tested, and sure to deliver exceptional value to Discern's customers.

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  • Project Type: Business Analysis, Software Development, User Centered Design

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