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Innovation in the Public Sector

GovWebworks is a division of Portland Webworks dedicated to serving the public sector. With more than 15 year's experience working with government agencies, we bring accountability and transparency to publicly funded projects. Our platforms and solutions are built with proven open-source technologies for value and usability. By increasing citizen engagement and satisfaction, our tools support better adoption rates and targeted communication.

GovWebworks products include:


Service Discovery


  • The CiviServ platform offers guided and intelligent search options to connect users with your services. This platform supports eligibility-driven recommendations, natural-language search, service-relationship recommendations as well as conventional hierarchical navigation. We have also helped numerous agencies organize their existing web presence, enabling citizens to better connect directly with services and support.
  • See the latest CiviServ case study and the CiviServ site to learn how we can help agencies provide smarter service delivery to citizens.
  • Learn more about GovWebworks Service Discovery.

Service Delivery

  • Citizen portals provide a single interface to access an entire agency’s services and systems. We provide open-source solutions to overcome the challenge of disparate systems and dispersed users. These solutions offer rich content management and collaboration tools along with seamless application.
  • Learn more about GovWebworks Service Delivery.

System Integration

  • From robust public-facing portals to mission-critical internal business applications, we specialize in developing tools that enable citizens to easily find and access information and services. Our team brings deep software engineering skills and cloud-based, open-source technologies to create contemporary, user-centered applications that are scalable and flexible.
  • Learn more about GovWebworks System Integration.


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