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Fast Answers for Common Questions

Portland Webworks is a low-risk solution provider with a large portfolio of proven, enterprise-level experience. We deliver effective custom software products for government institutions and well-established private sector organizations. We work closely with our customers to help them become more competitive within their industries. We do so by implementing web-enabled, integrated software solutions. Our approach places tremendous emphasis on interface design, user experience, and user satisfaction, because we know that these factors are crucial to the assurance of rapid, resistance-free software acceptance and adoption. We do all of this at a competitive cost enabled through our use of open source technologies, without the high overhead associated with major metro markets.

Those are the main reasons… plus the fact that we’re also extremely creative and fun to work with.


A sub brand of Portland Webworks, GovWebworks was formed in 2017 to focus specifically on public sector solutions. Its mission is to provide government agencies with innovative, user-centric solutions that deliver immediate impact to citizens, from first touch to service fulfillment. We invite you to learn more about our public sector solutions on the GovWebworks site.

We help customers find the best, most cost effective, most desirable solutions by blending together Open Source components and frameworks with fresh and innovative custom code. Our solutions are developed with User Experience as a foremost priority, emphasizing compelling interfaces and powerful business logic. We apply the most contemporary and modern management methods, using Agile best practices that improve communication, increase transparency, and afford our customers tremendous flexibility as their projects progress.

Portland Webworks supports a wide variety of professional applications encompassing the entire repertoire of traditional IT resources and functionality (i.e., Website/CMS, ERP, CRM, Mobile apps, etc.). We also have considerable experience in supporting "greenfield" development of major enterprise-level systems (ex. citizen portals). When customers require professional web development services, global data automation, or custom integration, we are able to deliver teams of qualified experts who can get the job done reliably. We encourage prospective customers to review our portfolio to learn more about the types of projects that we have successfully completed.

Our team has a deep and focused background using enterprise technologies. No technologies are "off-limts" per se, but we do generally try to help customers realize lower costs by relying on open source technologies, such as Java for the business tier or AnjgularJS for client-side logic. Where possible, we also make use of available augmentation platforms and frameworks. For instance, we might integrate an established CMS, such as Drupal, within a larger web solution. Our platform-and-framework-driven development practices yield rich web applications powered by intelligent interfaces that help customers work smarter. 

As our mission statement suggests, we are rather skilled when it comes to replacing the world's crummy software with compelling, customized, stable software that really works incredibly well. We apply user-centered design techniques and use Agile methods that give our customers a great deal of control over the finished product. In other words, we're exceptionally good at giving our customers the software they have always wanted.

We presently have approximately 16 developers on staff. Our team operates as a tight-knit, cohesive software development task force. Our personnel are award-winning professionals, who in many cases are highly respected as technical thought leaders in their particular areas of specialization. As evidenced by our status as a "Best Place to Work", we are able to deliver the ideal continuity of personnel that can make a big difference to projects in the long term.

We are always willing to entertain concepts for prospective projects, and would not turn any project away without careful consideration. However, we do tend to prefer longer duration initiatives to which we can assign dedicated working groups. Our typical contract lasts anywhere from a few months to a number of years, and many of our relationships have endured for more than a decade. Given these criteria, most of our customers are larger, enterprise-level organizations with ongoing project needs in excess of $100,000.

We offer a standard 12-month warranty on software deliverables that are provided under our contracts.

We have often provided support to broader marketing and institutional technology initiatives. We are more than happy to work with any other third-party partners who may be involved with a project.

Yes! We have selectively gathered together a team comprised of leading experts, but we have strategically situated our company in a less expensive region. As a result, we can often provide the same high quality of services that would typically be received from a top metro firm -- without the same metro overhead built into our pricing. In addition, we tend to propose solutions that make appropriate use of proven open-source technologies and frameworks, which likewise often help to reduce customer costs, especially in contrast to competitors who rely exclusively upon commercially-licensed software.

Design is one of Portland Webworks' most significant strengths. This is one of the factors that undoubtedly differentiates our organization from other custom software firms. We realize the importance of user satisfaction, and give high priority to User Experience (UX) issues. More information about this critical aspect of our approach can be found in our explanation of our UI/UX affinity.

Portland Webworks is always looking for qualified associates. To check out our current job listings, please refer to our Careers page. If relevant openings are not presently available, prospective candidates can alternatively submit their resumes to

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