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Connecting With Citizens

Educating and connecting citizens to available public services is an important part of any department or agency’s mandate, but too many barriers lie between the services and the intended end users.

Key Challenges:

  • Services for citizens in need can be scattered across many departments and community organizations, making it hard for users to identify what tools are available to help with their particular challenges.
  • Services are defined and described by governments, not by potential users, resulting in institutional descriptions that users find confusing or intimidating.
  • Seemingly complex eligibility rules can be off putting, resulting in potential clients abandoning their search for services.
  • Visiting physical offices for assistance may not be practical for clients with disabilities.
  • A shifting technology landscape demands new approaches to connecting with end users.

After years working in the area of social and health service delivery, we realized that new thinking was required to help bridge the gap between agencies and their end users. We wanted to find a way to deliver personalized assistance through an easy to access interface, that helps get citizens on the path towards the help they need.

That’s why we created CiviServ™.

CiviServ is a sophisticated citizen portal that has been designed specifically to help in the delivery of social and health services both by state and local agencies as well as other non-gonvenrnmental entities. Offered as a SaaS product, and powered by proven open source technologies, CiviServ is essentially a configurable virtual assistant to help connect your target audience with the services you provide.

The CiviServ™ Advantage:

  • Intelligent. CiviServ provides a variety of guided and intelligent search options to connect users with your services. The platform supports eligibility-driven recommendations, natural-language search, service-relationship recommendations as well as conventional hierarchical navigation.
  • Personal. CiviServ helps users establish a relationship with your agency, saving favorite content, sharing recommendations, and providing a warm-handoff to more in depth service delivery.
  • Configurable. CiviServ can be configured specifically to support your department’s services, your eligibility requirements and your priorities.
  • Connected. CiviServ supports a broad range of communication protocols (SOAP, JSON RESTful etc.), offering a potential seamless handoff to your legacy systems.
  • Scalable. Powered by Amazon Web Services, CiviServ enjoys virtually limitless scalability of bandwidth, processing power and storage.
  • Secure. Running in the AWS GovCloud Region, CiviServ meets most state and federal security requirements including HIPPA, FedRAMP, FIPS 140-2 and PCI Level 1.
  • Accessible. Built with the public sector in mind, CiviServ is WCAG and 508 compliant, ensuring access for all users.

See our latest CiviServ case study or Contact us today to see how CiviServ can help your agency provide Smarter Service Delivery to your citizens.

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