UX Chat 1: Amy Mauriello and Karin Carlson

Applying usability standards to a government benefits enrollment process

As we help make government websites and products more user-centric, user experience design has become an increasingly important focus at our company. We spoke with UX specialists Amy Mauriello and Karin Carlson about their usability work on a state benefits enrollment process...

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Evolution of a DIY Government Website

Kevin Erickson on the modernization of Virginia DOE's online content

Like many public sector websites, the Virginia Department of Education (VA DOE) portal was developed more than a decade ago, growing over time like a community garden. However, while vibrant, it was lacking in attention, pruning, and cultivation. We spoke with our government insider, Kevin Erickson, about his work to modernize the VA DOE site...

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Dev Chat 1: Adam Kempler and Joe Cardella

Developing a Drupal component-based solution for Missouri Department of Transportation

We spoke with developers Joe Cardella and Adam Kempler about collaborating on the Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) site redesign. This project was an extensive overhaul of an important communication tool for transportation in the state of Missouri...

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