Welcome to the September First Tuesday Roundup, the monthly newsletter from GovWebworks. This month, GovWebworks talks with former teammate, Miljan Bajic (PMP, PMI-ACP, CEC, CST, SAFe SPC, MBA) to get his perspective on digital transformation for government. Recognized as an expert in Agile and Scrum, Miljan is one of the roughly 90 Certified Enterprise Coaches in the world. He's also a frequent speaker at many international conferences and Agile events in Europe and the United States. We're teaming with Miljan to offer training, consulting, and coaching services to help agencies prepare for their own digital transformation journey. For inquiries about these services, email tom@govwebworks.com.


Digital Transformation Series: Making Sense of Digital Transformation

What does it mean? And how does it work for the public sector?

By Ravi Jackson – The term “digital transformation” is one that is used, and misused, a lot these days as a response to dynamic conditions. Too often the knee-jerk reaction to the need for change is to latch on to the latest consultant buzzwords, march in an army of trainers proficient in that specific buzzword, and hope that the problem fixes itself. So what is digital transformation, really? Digital transformation is a strategy that public sector departments can use to achieve their long-term business goals, says Agile coach and organizational change leader, Miljan Bajic. “It should provide long-term value, creating efficiencies that will create better outcomes for everyone." Ultimately digital transformation should solve systemic problems, such as modernizing outdated technology, or improving inefficient processes. A technology-led effort to transform an organization involves cross-cutting organizational change. The trick is to find the appropriate, cost-effective path for your organization....

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Digital Transformation Series: How to Provide Value On a Budget

Use small wins to build confidence and competency

By Tom Lovering – In the current economic climate, the idea of significant systemic and organizational change can seem out of reach. The temptation is to “dig in” and “make do” with the current tools and wait for happier times before tackling major change. However, in many ways the need for change has never been greater. Our previous article outlined the basic concepts of digital transformation and how agencies can drive their organizations forward by creating a strategy for their transformation efforts. Change expert, Miljan Bajic, recommends a number of foundational steps that an organization should consider before it begins its journey, not least of which is goal setting. In offering this advice he cautions that, “without clearly identifying your customers and their objectives, an agency is going to struggle to identify appropriate outcomes and goals.” In this post, we’re looking at how change can be realized even on a small budget, and potentially represent an opportunity to increase revenue to fund future development...

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