This month's roundup looks at the benefits of the GSA IT 70 Schedule for state and local procurement, as well as modernization strategies at the National Child Support Enforcement Association conference, and the value of volunteering to update HUD properties. We appreciate your comments and suggestions for future topics.

GSA Technology Contract Opens Doors for State Agencies

Why GSA IT 70 is more efficient and cost effective for state and local procurement

By GWW Staff

We’ve all heard state and local agencies and their vendors grumbling about the RFP procurement process. Agencies spend countless time and dollars on requirements gathering, RFP writing, and proposal reviewing. Vendors do the same on lead generation services, proposal writing, and travel and preparation for shortlist meetings... Read the post

Achieving Child Support System Modernization

Strategies from the National Child Support Enforcement Association conference

By Ravi Jackson

We attended the NCSEA National Leadership Symposium to examine key issues and innovations happening in the child support community. This year's conference, August 11-14 in Minneapolis, MN, was focused on policy, technology innovation, and best practice solutions for the child support program... Read the post

Flower Power

How updating HUD gardens makes a difference in the community

By GWW Staff

We had two goals for an employee community service day in our home town of Portland, Maine. First, we wanted to help those in need in our community. Second, we wanted to work with issues that promote our commitment to the health and human services clients GovWebworks serves. The combination of these goals lead us to HUD-funded Portland Housing Authority’s Washington Gardens. Here’s why... Read the post

In Other News

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