The Portland Webworks team recently worked with VIP Tires & Service to redevelop and relaunch their website, integrating a new and improved Tire Fit Guide and full eCommerce capabilities.

Based in Lewiston, ME, VIP is New England's largest privately held service provider and tire dealer, servicing Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts through a network of 56 locations. Given the highly competitive nature of their business, VIP was looking to develop an all-new web presence that satisfied the biggest priorities of their potential customers, namely finding their nearest location, selecting the right tire for their vehicle, and scheduling an appointment for service.

The new site was built using Drupal as the content management system, coupled with Apache Solr for managing the vast catalog of tire types and sizes. In developing the new platform, Portland Webworks also incorporated end-to-end ecommerce functionality using Ubercart. Although currently disabled for the initial launch, once activated, this feature will provide VIP with the ability to compete with national online tire retailers, allowing customers to select and compare tire sizes, them have them shipped directly to the address they provide.

Jason Terry, Marketing Manager for VIP Tires & Service provided his own perspective on the project. "The new site represents a huge effort by both the Portland Webworks and VIP technical teams to craft a dramatically new online experience for our customers. We believe our audience will really appreciate both the ease-of-use and the expanded functionality of the new site, providing them with more information to make smarter purchasing decisions."