The Portland Webworks team recently completed an extensive redesign and redevelopment project for the Washington Department of Social and Health Services. Beginning in late-May 2014, the team was responsible for implementation of a new Drupal content management system to enable the migration of more than 13,000 pages. The project also included a complete site redesign, focussed on making DSHS core functions and services more clearly visible and easier to access.

The team completed the entire project in just six months (a month ahead of schedule) and in the process trained more than a dozen subject matter experts in the management of their own content using the new CMS. The Department is now setup to more easily maintain and expand their online presence, allowing them to focus on their core delivery of services.

Speaking of the project, Pat Lashway, Assistant Secretary for DSHS said, "Portland Webworks helped us take our desire to better serve our community's needs and make it a reality. Incorporating the needs of our professional community, our staff and agency partners, and the residents of Washington State who use our services, they were all able to successfully develop the new website, on time and on budget, and to deliver exactly what each audience needed. The helpful and friendly Portland Webworks team members built a site that allows us to deliver real benefit to everyone in our community."

Portland Webworks will be retained on a 3-year support contract to provide ongoing services to DSHS, including the integration of new content and services with the website to further expand the site's functionality.