This month we're looking at how supporting employment increases child support payments, and the best tools and techniques to help citizens access content. We appreciate your comments and suggestions for future topics.

Working For Families

How child support agencies are supporting employment to yield better returns

By Tom Lovering

In an Our American States (OAS) podcast from the National Conference of State Legislatures, host Gene Rose explored two programs that are focusing on supporting non-custodial parents, particularly in the area of employment, as they look to improve child support payment levels.... Read the post

Making Digital Connections Easier

Three ways to help citizens access public sector content quickly and intuitively

By Ravi Jackson

Thinking about how the public sector might begin to move the usability needle, there are a number of areas where traction can be found in helping connect users with content, data, and services. For this article, I’ve focused on some tools and techniques that I believe hold particular promise... Read the post