This month we're reporting on the Human Progress and Human Services 2035 project from the Institute for Alternative Futures, and tools being used in New York to better serve children. We appreciate your comments and suggestions for future topics.

What’s in the Crystal Ball for Health & Human Services?

How scenarios can forecast alternative futures

Books and movies allow us to try on different characters and lives, and science fiction, especially, lets us slip into various alternative futures for humanity. Living through such scenarios in a narrative is similar in part to the work being done by the Institute for Alternative Futures (IAF) on the Human Progress and Human Services (HPHS) 2035 project...Read the post

Child Welfare Needs the Right Tools

How New York is leading the way with new tech, data, and services

By Ravi Jackson

Family breakdown. Poverty. Neglect. Too often, children are caught in events outside of their control. Sadly, compassionate care by the public sector can be a challenge in the face of worker burnout, budget concerns, and maxed out systems. Some government entities are seeking new tools to help, but crisis shouldn’t be necessary to stoke change...Read the post