Welcome to the June First Tuesday Roundup, the monthly newsletter from GovWebworks. How can states chart the way to economic recovery? The superheroes at Maine Development Foundation and Maine Community Foundation highlight community initiatives and funding models that can make a difference. We hope you find these posts useful, and appreciate your comments and suggestions for future topics.

Strategies for Economic Stability

Maine Development Foundation promotes support for leaders, dislocated workers, and Main Street

By Melissa Coleman – In the face of Covid-19’s economic impact, we’ve been looking to social sector organizations in our home state for strategies that can help in Maine and other less-populated states around the country.

The Maine Development Foundation (MDF) is one such organization behind a number of grassroots initiatives for economic stimulus and recovery. Yellow Light Breen, the foundation’s CEO, has an ear to the ground for programs that most effectively support the needs of his rural state.

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Community Funding for Economic Recovery

Maine Community Foundation supports social sector services in wake of Covid-19

By Melissa Coleman – We spoke with the Maine Development Foundation last week about Strategies for Economic Stability. Now we’re following up with Maine Community Foundation’s vice president of philanthropy, Laura Young, on ways community funding can support the social sector and the economy.

“We’ll see quite a bit of federal funds spill in,” Yellow Light Breen of Maine Development Foundation said when we asked about economic stimulus in the wake of Covid-19. “But we’ll need private sector support to make it a true partnership.” This is where Maine Community Foundation comes into play.

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