The Portland Webworks blog has been a little quiet since January. This is because we've been busy launching a new blog, Publicus, on the GovWebworks site.

What is Publicus? The word Publicus is from the Latin for "what is done for the sake of the state." This blog aims to help all of us in the public sector to provide better online services.

Who is GovWebworks? GovWebworks is an operating division of Portland Webworks. Our mission is to provide government agencies with innovative solutions for service discovery and delivery. Because not only do accessible, user-centric online tools make communication easier for agencies, they make life better for citizens.

Every month, we post articles about the creative solutions we've seen employed to improve online service discovery and delivery. Sometimes they're projects we've worked on ourselves, or they might be good ideas we've learned from other agencies and vendors.

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Latest articles from Publicus

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