As a firm whose work tends to skew towards the technical end of the spectrum, we don't always get to flex our creative muscles in the ways that we would like. The fact is that we have some incredibly talented designers here at Portland Webworks, and while some of the work they do may not be the most glamorous, they still put their all in to designing every form and button of every back-end business application we build. 

When they're not crafting better workflows and data displays, our team spends its time working on spec designs for our clients, creating new marketing materials and creating original art to decorate not just this website but also the walls of our offices. Since not all of this work finds its way in to our client portfolio, we took to Tumblr to gather together and display their work all in one place. Thus the creation of Milk Street Studios.

No, Milk Street Studios is not a separate line of business, but rather just a whimsical name for the creative musings of our hard working design team. Here you'll be able to see the full breadth of their talents inculding early site prototypes, JavaScript animations, original print art and logo design concepts. Follow us to stay up to date with our team's latest work as they continue to expand their creative boundaries.