We’ve been working with the public sector almost as long as we’ve been in business. From more than 8 years supporting the Maine Office of Tourism to the most recent project we’ve wrapped up with Washington Health Benefits Exchange, we’ve found our transparent approach resonates well with this audience, where public accountability is major concern.

In recent years we’ve expanded our marketing and business development focus in the public sector, motivated in large part by the traction we’ve already achieved. Today we’re at a point where approximately 65% of our revenue comes from the public sector, with a particular focus in the area of social and health services. We’ve already worked in seven different states across the country, from Washington all the way back to our own state of Maine, and continue to pursue new contracts in other states including California, Mississippi and Minnesota.

One thing we’ve been thinking about recently is about how we tell this story succinctly, amidst a broader narrative of 16+ years as web generalists. In the public procurement arena, where RFP’s are the name of the game, and reviewers can be faced with stacks of proposals, it would be really helpful if we could quickly convey all of this experience and focus to potential clients. This is naturally a very risk-averse audience, where project failure cause public outcry, so hiring experts is the natural inclination.

Thus was GovWebworks born; with the idea of creating a sub-brand that encapsulate the strength and depth of our credentials in the public sector, and to market this all in one place. We are experts after all, so we feel that it’s important for potential clients to be able to understand this very quickly.  Our focus and values align with their own, and we have numerous successful projects to prove our expertise. 

Portland Webworks continues as the parent brand, representing the entirety of our interests and accomplishments - including all of the other great work we’ve done in the private sector - but for the purpose of marketing to state and local government, we’ll be using the GovWebworks brand to tell our story.