This month we celebrate 20 years in business with a timeline of highlights from over the years. We also spotlight the work life of a current GovWebworks developer. We hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about our company, and we appreciate your comments and suggestions for future topics.

Entering Our 21st Year

We look back from 2020 at 20 years of digital progress

By GWW Staff – In 1999, blog, carbon footprint, and texting were added to the dictionary. Plus, dashcam, and The Matrix. On top of all that, Justin Davis set up shop as Portland Webworks, a web and software development company, in a one-room office at 5 Milk Street in Portland, Maine...

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Developer Spotlight at GovWebworks

Software developer Rachel Charow shares some scenes from her working life

By GWW Staff – Hi, I’m Rachel Charow. I work as a software developer at GovWebworks, based in Portland, Maine. I enjoy the challenge of figuring out technical solutions for our clients, and I especially like collaborating with my teammates to provide the best product we can. We learn a lot from each other every day...

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In Other News

Current articles/videos of interest across the web (in case you missed them):