This month we continue our developer's perspective series with suggestions for efficient bug reporting, and look into programs that help parents to better meet child support obligations. We appreciate your comments and suggestions for future topics.

Writing Useful Bug Reports 101

Get a developer up to speed by getting them everything they need

By Joseph Descalzota – A lot of situations can cause one to write "stubs" – bug reports with barely any information. Project managers could be in a meeting, and forget to fill in the details later. Or the developers assumed to be in charge of fixing the bug are in the same meeting, and adding details feels redundant. It could be that project knowledge is thought to be known by all, so no additional details are needed...

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From Deadbeat to Upbeat

Helping noncompliant parents help themselves and their families

By GWW Staff – Let’s call him Rob. Rob is a good father. He is also noncompliant on his child support payments. According to the National Child Support Noncustodial Parent Employment Demonstration, he does not deserve punishment. He needs help, and they want states to offer it...

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In Other News

Current articles/videos of interest across the web (in case you missed them:

  • Integrated Benefits Initiative: In the United States, the social safety net is composed of more than 80 services that together aim to lift almost 50 million Americans above the poverty line each year. Today, tens of millions of those people are still falling through the cracks... - via Code For America
  • Content and silos: As a content strategist, copywriter or content expert in any role, the benefits of understanding where ‘silos’ exist are plenty. Identifying the silos that hold back production could be the key to removing some of the headaches and bottlenecks. Most of all, identifying silos can help you improve your content... - via GatherContent