In this month's roundup we look at the importance of going beyond the generic design process for a project in New Hampshire and the success of a mobile app in Iowa. We are also excited to announce the redesign of the GovWebworks website and blog. We hope you like these articles as well as the new site, and appreciate your comments and suggestions for future topics.

Beyond Genericized UX

How to avoid McDonaldization of UX, or oversimplification of the design process

By Sarah Crossman

It's been said that web design, as an industry, has been inching towards what Chris Kiess refers to as the "The McDonaldization of UX" or oversimplification of the UX design process. The question then becomes this: When there is significant emphasis on utilizing best practices, getting design done as quickly as possible, and achieving the efficiencies that a fast food restaurant brings, is it possible to bring creativity and innovation to your design?... Read the post

Public Sector Grocery Pal

How Iowa's DOE developed a mobile app to simplify creditable food shopping

By GWW Staff

The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) Shopper is a mobile application that provides immediate food crediting guidance when child and adult care providers are making decisions about foods to purchase for reimbursable CACFP meals. We spoke with project manager Angie Davis and her team, Robin Holz and Suzanne Secor-Parker, the lead consultants for Iowa's Department of Education, about the process of developing a mobile application to make creditable food purchasing easier for child and adult care providers... Read the post (

Cobbler’s New Shoes

GovWebworks celebrates the redesign of its company website

By GWW Staff

We’ve all heard the old saying about the cobbler’s children having no shoes. By the same token, busy developers may not have time to redesign their company website. After Portland Webworks launched the GovWebworks sub brand in late 2016, the basic site soon outgrew its shoes. An update was applied last summer in 2018, but by the spring of 2019, a full overhaul was overdue... Read the post

In Other News

Current articles/videos of interest across the web (in case you missed them):