Benefits of the MoSCoW Approach to MVP

How to build the best minimum viable product, not the most expensive available product

There is often a complex and necessary period of analysis required to replace or upgrade a piece of software or computer system. However, when determining whether to build from scratch or buy an off-the-shelf product, the best bang for the buck is not always as obvious as it may seem....

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Key Steps to a Chatbot Pilot Program

How to support audiences who prefer conversational interfaces for accessing content

Over the past decade, the big push was towards “mobile first” websites. Today, it's accelerated adoption of chatbots and other voice and text interfaces. One in six Americans now owns a voice activated smart speaker according to NPR and Edison Research. This is up 128 percent from January 2017....

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Connecting Medicaid Beneficiaries with Providers

Live Better Idaho aims to improve health on multiple levels

Like many states, Idaho has been working to expand Medicaid coverage, but has run into legislative resistance. For citizens that do have coverage, challenges still remain to receiving care, not least in identifying and getting accepted by a Primary Care Provider (PCP)....

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