In light of current events, we wanted to share some helpful tips from our remote staff on best practices for working from home in distributed teams. Setting effective goals is another useful strategy right now, and knowing how to create quality goals can make a big difference. We hope you enjoy these posts, and we appreciate your comments and suggestions for future topics.

Work From Home Life Hacks

#WFHlifehacks from our remote team members

By GWW Staff – As isolated as we may feel right now, the reality is that we are all experiencing similar challenges and fears and victories as we navigate this new landscape. In this spirit, we've collected some personal work-from-home life hacks from our newly distributed (at home) team members. We hope you find support and humanity in these offerings. Share your own hacks with us via #WFHlifehacks...

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Goal Setting Techniques that Actually Work

How to create high quality goals to transform you and your organization

By Kevin Ferguson – Do you ever feel like the day flies by and you must have done a lot because you were really busy, but you didn’t get a lot done? Even more so when working at home, with the distractions that can pop up, it might feel like the time is slipping by, but your best work isn’t getting done...

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In Other News

Current articles/videos of interest across the web (in case you missed them):

  • Coronavirus Sparks New Interest in Bridging Digital Divides: Advocates and government staffers in the broadband and digital equity space say there is a renewed interest in supporting their work, with shelter-at-home orders emphasizing the need to bridge digital divides..... - via GovTech
  • The Remote Playbook - From the largest all-remote company in the world: Due to recent events surrounding the global health crisis COVID-19(coronavirus), many teams face a new reality: working remotely. We hope this playbook serves as a quick start guide to get your remote workforce up and running quickly and smoothly for short-term and long-term success... - via GitLab